The Oklahoma Science Framework Project: Draft Overviews Released

The Oklahoma State Department of Education is excited to announce the release of the Oklahoma Science Framework Overviews. In Phase 1 of the Oklahoma Science Framework Project, twenty K-12 teachers partnered with the Oklahoma State Department of Education to develop “Framework Overviews”. The Overviews represent how a small group of teachers, Framework Writers, at a given grade level might bundle performance expectations or standards found in the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science. Bundling may be a new word, but it certainly isn’t a new concept as it simply implies how teachers would group performance expectations or standards for the purpose of developing instructional units of study.

Once bundled, the Framework Writers were then charged with completing four categories of information that coincided with the bundle of performance expectations or standards. The categories and short descriptions of each are listed below.

  • In – Lay Terms: This section aims at providing a brief introduction to the goals outlined in the Performance Expectation Bundles.
  • Three Dimensional Storyline: This section aims at providing a comprehensive storyline of how the three dimensions represented in the Performance Expectation Bundles intertwine to support students engaging in science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas.
  • Lesson Level Performance Expectations: This section aims at providing scaffolding three-dimensional learning targets that teachers can design instruction around to meet the end goals of the Performance Expectation represented in the bundles.
  • Misconceptions: This section aims at providing research-based misconceptions that students frequently have related to the science concepts (disciplinary core ideas) embedded in the Performance Expectation bundles.

“The vision of the Overviews is to provide a resource for teachers that encourages them to embrace the new standards and implement them effectively in their classrooms. The suggestions provided by the frameworks project do not have to be implemented exactly as they are written and are not required to be a successful teacher, but serve as a guide to setting up effective lessons that will help students meet the necessary levels of success in a science classroom.” – Oklahoma Science Framework Project Writer

Keep in mind the Oklahoma Science Framework Overviews are simply a resource for teachers to assist in planning for instruction. To access the DRAFT Framework Overview Documents, click here. These documents will be published in PDF format later this fall. They are being released now to serve as a support for teachers who are planning for an implementing the new standards now. As they are in draft form, Oklahoma science teachers also have an opportunity to provide feedback on the documents before they are published. You can provide feedback by leaving comments on the Google Documents.

In an effort to continue to provide support and resources, the Oklahoma Science Framework Project will continue this as the Oklahoma State Department of Education will continue to partner with Oklahoma science teachers to develop instructional exemplars and sample formative assessments. Be looking for applications to participate soon!

If you have issues accessing the document or have questions regarding the project please contact Tiffany Neill at 405-522-3524.

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  • Tiffany will there be any field questions or examples of the 2016-2017 OASS type questions out for teachers to look at as they prepare lessons to not only meet the new standards but also how they will be tested? We may say that we are not teaching to a test, but I really feel we need to be able to expose – especially to low level learners how the questions will be worded and presented. I pray we are never in the business of not helping children be SUCCESSFUL in every way possible!

    • Field Test Items Aligned to new Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science
      3.2 Addendums Parent Student Teacher Guides
      The purpose of this addendum is to familiarize parents, students and educators from across Oklahoma with the field test questions that will appear on the Spring 2016 Biology EOI.
      Field test question format:
      The new questions are formatted as clusters: question sets in which all the questions are related to a common piece of introductory information (similar to a passage and its questions on the Reading test).
      In Grade 5 Science, clusters will contain all multiple-choice questions.
      In Grade 8 Science and Biology, most clusters will contain all multiple-choice questions, but some clusters may contain multiple-choice questions plus a technology-enhanced question or a paired multiple-choice question.
      8th Grade Addendum Errata (Link)
      3.3 Addendum Online Practice Tests
      5th Grade Addendum (Link)
      8th Grade Addendum (Link)
      Biology Addendum (Link)

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